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Disposition Type

Users can subset referral reports by selecting the disposition type filter and choosing those dispositions to be included. Disposition types and codes are drawn from the CWS/CMS variable ,algdsp_t as listed below

  1. Substantiated (45)
  2. Inconclusive (47)
  3. Unfounded (46)
    Effective Q2 2011, the category ‘Assessment Only’ (children for whom a referral was received, but no disposition entered) is divided into two groups, using the CWS/CMS variable, Disposition Code (REFR_CLT.DISPTN_CD):
  4. Assessment Only/Evaluated Out (DISPTN_CD=’A’)
  5. Not Yet Determined (the remainder, where DISPTN_CD is not equal to ’A’)
We would expect the number of Not Yet Determined for a given interval to decrease over time, as determinations are made and entered into CWS/CMS.