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Investigation indicates whether the allegation was part of a referral where investigation was either intended or completed.

The Referral Response Type (RFR_RSPC) indicates whether investigation is intended. Using the Referral Response Type allows identification of investigated referrals prior to the completion of the investigation. The Disposition Type (ALG_DSPC) indicates, at the allegation level, whether an investigation was completed and, if completed, its conclusion.

1. Investigated

Any one of the following qualifies the allegation for the ‘Investigated’ category:
Referral Response Type (RFR_RSPC)
  • 3 Day (1516)
  • 5 Day (1517)
  • 10 Day (1518)
  • Immediate (1520)
Disposition Type (ALG_DSPC)
  • Substantiated (45)
  • Unfounded (46)
  • Inconclusive (47)
That is, to be in the investigated group, either the Referral Response Type must equal 1516, 1517, 1518, or 1520 or the Disposition Type must equal 45, 46, or 47. In most instances, qualifying values for both variables will be present.

2. Not Investigated

The values that do not qualify the allegation for the ‘Investigated’ category are:
Referral Response Type (RFR_RSPC)
  • Evaluate Out (1519)
  • N/A Secondary Report (1521)
Disposition Type (ALG_DSPC)
  • [Not yet determined] (0)
  • Unknown at Conversion (5369)
  • Entered in Error (5918)