Note (03/17/2021): Between 12/23/2020 and 03/12/2021 the posted 3-S1 denominators for Los Angeles County for the October 2019-September 2020 time period were incorrect. We apologize for the error. With the corrected denominators, the county rates per 100,000 days improved from the previously posted values.
Q4 20 County-Specific Outcome Spreadsheets (.xls File) by County:

These workbooks contain the data that are included in the California Child Welfare Outcomes and Accountability System quarterly reports. They also include worksheets that allow comparison of performance between time periods and to national and performance standards (where applicable). The child welfare workbooks include graphs of many of the measures. In order to understand any measure, it is necessary to review it in the context of the entire cycle of measures, performance over time, and performance stratified by age, ethnicity, and gender. Please visit the online reports to further explore these measures.
Values of 10 or less and calculations based on values of 10 or less are masked ('M' or '*'). In stratified views of the data, additional values (the lowest available) are masked to prevent calculation of values of 10 or less.
Masking is performed to protect the privacy of individuals served by CDSS.
For additional information, you can read more here: De-Identification Guidelines DSS Reference Guide_FINAL.pdf
As of the Quarter 2, 2020 Data Extract: Data for Measure 8A Outcomes for Youth Exiting Foster Care at Age 18 or Older are unavailable while the California Department of Social Services is completing the process of updating the report to comply with the CDSS Data De-identification Guidelines. Measure 4B data are also unavailable due to Data De-identification considerations.